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Sorrento Coast

Sorrento is positioned on a tuff rock over the sea dominating the horizon. On the top of the rock, the intense green vegetation harmoniously mingles with the colours of the town of Sorrento. For ancient people, Sorrento and the Sorrento Coast were the land of the mythical mermaids, the sirens who tempted the seamen with their song. Therefore, the name of the town Sorrento possibly has its origins from the word ?sirenide?.
The indented coasts of Sorrento are made of hidden creeks, small bays, rocks and beaches, a landscape that frightened mariners of the past. Today these variegated coast is the real touristic resource of Sorrento, the pearl of the region Campania.
From Sorrento you can admire the isles of Capri and Ischia, and the whole Gulf of Naples with its famous vulcano, the Vesuvius.

The historical centre of Sorrento still keeps its most ancient features, the Roman signs and the defensive walls built in 1500. Among the most interesting treasures of Sorrento to be visited there arethe main square, Piazza Tasso, the Cathedral from the XV century, the church dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi with its beautiful XIV century cloister with Arabian features; the Correale Museum which exposes Greek and Roman objects, porcelains from Capodimonte and paintings. The small and picturesque fishing village Marina Grande deserves a visit, too.

Sorrento is famous all over the world thanks to the popular song 'Torna a Surriento'. Italian and foreign tourists do love it. Accommodation in Sorrento is comfortable and easy; in Sorrento you can choose the solution you need: a hotel, a bed&breakfast, a residence, or a room.Important is gastronomy in Sorrento and the whole Sorrento Coast, a great resource, thanks to the typical restaurants and pizzerias. The typical products are the refreshing 'limoncello di Sorrento', the well-known noodles, called 'Pasta di Gragnano', the delicious cheeses produced in Agerola and Monti Lattari, and much more. Sausages of the Sorrento area are delicious and seasoned with orange peel, .expecially those from Vico Equense. If you like wines, you should visit the local producers, where you will taste quality and tasty wines. They are perfect for the typical meal proposed by the restaurants of the Sorrento area. Sit and enjoy the special dishes of Sorrento such as gnocchi alla sorrentina, spaghetti alla sorrentina, spaghetti with walnuts,or a fish plate like the filled cuttlefish 'seppioline ripiene'.


... Sorrento is the main town of the Coast and gives the name to the entire area, which is therefore called Sorrentine Peninsula or Coast. The Sorrentine Peninsula, a territory whose great resource is natural beauty, includes many other towns, such as Vico Equense, a famous tourist resort because of the crystalline waters of the sea, but also for its interesting Museum dedicated to minerals; Massa Lubrense, with its picturesque hamlets, such as Nerano and Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, so called because it overlooks the two gulfs of Naples and Salerno; Punta Campanella, a beautiful marine reserve; Castellammare di Stabia which is famous for the thermal baths and for excavations (together with Pompeii and Ercolano); Piano di Sorrento characterized by beautiful tuff palaces; Sant'Agnello, a picturesque territory whose main products are citruses; Meta di Sorrento and its Basilica dedicated to Madonna del Lauro.

The inner part of the territory is interesting, too, where you can visti towns such as Agerola; Pimonte, the village situated "apud montes"; Lettere; Gragnano famous for its most typical product, the pasta.

Sorrento has a strategic geographic position, being not far from the most interesting towns and touristic attractions of Campania. The Amalfi Coast is part of the same peninsula, but it is positioned on the Gulf of Salerno whereas the Sorrento Coast on the Gulf of Naples. So, staying in Sorrento means the possibility to easily reach the famous towns of the Amalfi Coast, for example the town of fashion, Positano which borders Vico Equense; the town where classical music has its reign, Ravello, and the wonderful Amalfi. But also the other towns of Amalfi Coast are not far from Sorrento Coast, for example Praiano, Furore, Conca dei Marini, Minori, and Maiori. The excavations of Pompeii and Cilento Coast can be easily reached, too.

To reach the isle of Capri from Sorrento it is necessary to go to the port of Naples (Km 53) or of Salerno (Km 56), for Ischia it is preferable to reach the port of Naples and get a hydrofoil.

TheNational Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano represents an interesting destination thanks to its many and famous touristic attractions and sites.Paestum and its Greek Doric temples is only 97 km far; Agropoli 116 Km, Acciaroli 146 Km, the headland of Palinuro and its wonderful sea caves is only at 182 Km and Marina di Camerota at 186 Km. They all deserve a visit or stay. Other destinations such as Golfo di Policastro, Sapri andMaratea.



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