Sorrento, the coastline and the hillside: natural beauties and breathtaking landscapes


    Sorrento developes on a high tuff rock that astonishes people coming from the sea. The whole coast of Sorrento is very harsh, with indented rocks and small hidden creeks. The panorama is beautiful and overlooks the Gulf of Naples dominated by the strong Vesuvius and thedreaming isles of Ischia and Capri. Listed below the main naturalistic attractions and destinations of the Sorrento Coast:


    This furthest part of the Gulf of Naples is a very important area for naturalistic, cultural and historical reasons. It is a beautiful marine reserve inhabited by many species of fish and is a protected area since 1997. In 1335 Robert d'Anjou built a tower, the MinervaTower, whose bell was used to warn about the arrival of pirates and for this reaon this territory is called Punta Campanella. Bell in Italian is Campana, little bell is Campanella. In the past there was a sanctuary dedicated to Athena.


    On the Sorrento Coast there are many deep valleys, among them the most famous is the valley of the mills, which is the best preserved. It once belonged to the Tasso family and then to the Correale family. The Correale family ordered the construction of the port, first called Capo Cervo and then Capo di Cerere. The deep valley of mills, as the name suggests, was the seat of a mill, today only ruins.

    There are also other deep valleys, such as the one S. Agnello, where ships recovered during storms. In fact there is an inscription that recalls this past habit: “In tempestate securitas”.


    In Capo di Sorrento there are the remains of a wonderful Roman villa which belonged to Pollio Felice and described by the poet Publio Papino Stazio (45-96 a.C). This villa is also known as the 'Baths of Queen Joanna' because population thought that queen Joanna II of Durazzo (who behaved in a very scandalous way) had her bath completely naked in a hidden creek of Capo di Sorrento.


    This is the biggest bay in the Gulf of Sorrento and it has always been the port of the town. There are the most famous shores of Sorrento with their lively colours.