Pimonte, like Agerola, is made of several hamlets. The name derives from the Latin phrase "apud montes" referring to the shape of its mountains. Nature here is beautiful and Pimonte is a real paradise for people who love excursions and trekking in natural settings. The mountain area is full of paths through wonderful oak and chestnut woods and Mediterranean bush.

    Among the most interesting hamlets forming Pimonte there is Valle Lavatoio, with many washtubs used by women to wash laundry in past times and an ancient water mill; Monte Pendolo, located 618 m above the sea level, which offers wonderful panoramas and the remains of an ancient monastery; Monte Coppola. The remains of the ancient castle of Pino, a beautiful fortress built by Amalfi rulers to defend their republic, are surrounded by rich vegetation.

    The area of Pimonte is known for the 'The living crib'. It is very loved by the inhabitants and every year they perform it in Valle Lavatoio.