Sant'Agnello and the beach of Marinella, a natural paradise - Sorrento Coast - Hotel Cocumella


    Sant'Agnello is just 1 km far rom Sorrento and the whole territory is mainly made of tuff from the volcanic eruptions.

    The beach of Marinella is the main touristic resource: it is small but very charming. Another enchanting spot is Punta Sant?Elia with its stunning panorama of the Gulf of Salerno and the famous little isles' Li Galli'. Punta Sant'Elia is a wonderful natural paradise that can be reached walking along a path surrounded by a rich Mediterranean bush and along which it is possible to see many ruins. The ending part of the route is very interesting for birdwatchers, there are many birds, especially, raptors to be seen.

    Among the most interesting monuments you can admire the church dedicated to the saints Prisco and Agnello, and the Hotel Cocumella, created in an ancient Jesuit monastery in 1637.

    In the month of September there is a nice festival lasting three days, dedicated to the typical local agricultural products. During the festival, visitors can taste local products, and directly buy them from the farmers, or get some information from them about the production.